Designing the space

Space is something familiar that is always around us. We are unconscious and rarely aware of its presence when we are living our everyday lives. However, people are strongly influenced by the space without knowing it.
We believe that beautifully designed spaces can enrich everyday life itself.
We consider a wide range of social issues, regional, historical, technological and economic perspectives, and consider designs that have a positive impact in many ways.

We would like to think about our real need for abundance through space.

Thinking about the future of working and living spaces

Recent technological developments are changing the way we work and the way we live.
It is no longer necessary for everyone to commute to work every day, gather in the same place and work in offices.

We design a new everyday life in the modern age, taking into account both hardware and software, by rethinking our lives and workplaces and expanding their potential.

Designing the process of creating spaces

Architecture projects are very complex due to their long duration and the amount of information involved. They also span many different areas of expertise, and a single opaque decision can have a major impact on the project.

We believe that space creation begins at the initial stage of a project, with the selection of the site and property, and by being involved from the earliest stages, we aim to ensure that the project proceeds in a rational way and that good spaces are created.

In addition, the use of 3D models (BIM) to design buildings and visualise and study various issues in 3D facilitates communication with clients and other stakeholders and clarifies problems. Simulations of shading and thermal environments are carried out to ensure the comfort of the space.

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