Hut AO


View from the top of the living room. View from the large north-south opening. Braces are placed on the east side of the wall, and the glass and polycarbonate double-glazing panels are sandwiched between them.

Soft space created by skip floor and gentle staircase

The house was built on a steep slope with lush greenery.
The floors are connected by a gently sloping staircase in a 2.5-story volume.
While the house has large openings from north to south, the east wall is made of polycarbonate to provide spatial transparency.
The main rooms are arranged along the slope of the sloping floor, and the interior spaces with many corners are enclosed in a compact box-like exterior with large eaves.
Each part of the building extends outside along the large eaves, creating an active connection with the outside space.
The ambiguous form of the structure and its daily scale are intended to create a neutral and soft space.

Location:Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Use:Detached house
Design:Atelier and I Kazunari Sakamoto Architectural Laboratory *Works in charge at the former office
Structure engineer:Akira Suzuki/ASA 
Constructor:Aiba Construction Company
Photo:Atelier and I Kazunari Sakamoto Architectural Laboratory

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