Amitsu Municipal Elementary School



南側外観, 空間の単位ごとにボールとの屋根が架けられ, ボールトをずらして配置することで生まれる抜けにより最高や換気を行う.
正門側より, 熊本県宇土市立の公立小学校の改築, くまもとアートポリスプロジェクトのプロポーザルコンペで選ばれ, 建てられた.
Second-floor classroom, looking north through a large arched opening.

Works designed by Atelier and I Kazunari Sakamoto Laboratory.

​This elementary school building was chosen by proposal competition in 2008. The rural scenery surrounding the site, with farm- and greenhouses scattered among rice fields and low mountains, made us consider a thin cover that would create a continuous and gently connected space.Therefore we placed the classrooms in the East- West directions three lines, and created consecutive plane constitution in east and west and northern and southern both directions. As a result, The internal space becomes the place where various activity of the children are developed freely .The high side lighting a vault different in rhythm causes by “difference” is producing the comfortable learning environment by the By flow line and the line of sight passes through various directions. The high side Lightings caused by different rhythm of vault are producing lighting for the classroom of a central line, and ventilation the comfortable learning environment.

From the classroom on the first floor, we can see the courtyard on the left and the library on the right.
The eaves, which shelter the building from the sun and rain, extend 3m to the south from the side space.

Location:Uto City, Kumamoto Prefecture
Use:Elementary School
Design:Atelier and I Kazunari Sakamoto Architectural Laboratory *Works in charge at the former office
Structure Enginner:Kanebako Structural Engineer
Facilities engineer:ES Associates
Photo:Atelier and I Kazunari Sakamoto Architectural Laboratory

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